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ies at th??e Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. Tsai is the?? island's "president" and Lai is the "premier". "T??he message is clear. The statement made by the Taiw??an affairs office is very sharp and it has sent a s??trong and clear signal. ... Further military act5

parum anteposuerit

ivi??ties can be carried out around Taiwan if the tensio??n escalates," he said. A series of military and po??litical events between the US and the island??such ??as whether US Marine Corps units protect the new si??te of the American Institute in Taiwan??will take p??lace in May and June, 5


augue duis dolore feugait

Wang said. "If the US and Ta??iwan have recognized the signal from the mainland's?? military drill, they should keep a low profile to ??avoid incurring Beijing's anger," he said. Spokesm??an Ma Xiaoguang said on Wednesday, "China has alway??s objected if countries with a diplomatic relation5

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s??hip with China establish any form of official or mi??litary connection with Taiwan," commenting on remar??ks that US Marines may guard the AIT.BEIJING, March 12 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Presidc

suscipit lobortis

ent Xi Jinping on Sunday calle??d for deepening military-civilian integration, while highlighting sci-tec??h innovation as the key to military upE

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grading. Chinese President Xi Ji??nping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Com??mittee and chairman of the Central Military 2

littera gothica

Commission, meets with deputi??es from grassroots units to the 12th National People's Congress (NPC) aft??er a panel discussion in Beijing, capS

Eodem modo

ital of China, March 12, 2017. Xi jo??ined a panel discussion with deputies to the 12th NPC from the People's L??iberation Army (PLA) at the annud

videntur parum

al session of the NPC in Beijing on Sunda??y. (Xinhua/Li Gang) Speaking to national lawmakers from the People's Lib??eration Army (PLA) at the ongoing ann4

fiant sollemnes

ual parliamentary session, Xi, also ??general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee?? and chairman of the Central MH

and crushing momentum in fighting c??orruption has been realized, he said. Pointing to the profound changes b??rought by sci-tech advancement to people's lifestyles and the world's mil??itary development, Xi said, "We must have a great8

er sense of urgency to p??ush for sci-tech innovation and advancement with greater determination an??d efforts." He called for enhanced top-level design and strategic planni??ng in promoting military-civilian integratif

on in national defense technol??ogy and military equipment, and strengthening military and civilian coope??ration in training high-quality military personnel. He urged the PLA to ??speed up the transition featuring better quality and pa


erformance with the?? intensive application C

of advanced technologies in army building. Civil ??technologies should better serve military purposes, and defense1

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